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Businessmen of the South about results of year: it was difficult, but we are optimists

In spite of the fact that practically all South Russian business in 2015 suffered from jumps of exchange rates, inaccessibility of the credits and decrease in a consumer demand, in something the fate smiled to businessmen. The wine-making branch received new loyal buyers, tourist - paid attention to China, and the sector of agrarian and industrial complex was helped by countersanctions. 
Alexey Popov, director "AFG National Agro"
In 2015 because of jumps and growth of exchange rate product cost strongly grew. Brought us under the end of the year and falling of the price of rice. But despite crisis we started the project of gardening and vegetable growing, the import substitution program works, and we in it next year will appear.
Also business was influenced by the transaction with "Rostselmash" and "Rosagroleasing". It concerns the program of replacement of park of equipment. We bought 30 combines on cleaning of rice and grain, all was enclosed in equipment by more than 700 million rubles. Partly the state subsidized this transaction and by that helped us. Year was difficult, but we look forward with optimism. 
In general we endure falling of the prices of sales at prime cost increase, and we hope that in 2016 the situation will be leveled. The currency component of prime cost is rather high therefore we want to hope that next year the exchange rate "will recover". Conclusions such: we will reduce a currency component of prime cost at the expense of the Russian producers to remain as much as possible in a ruble zone. We also continue to invest in with \x. We continue to look for ways of decrease of prime cost and increase of efficiency of agriculture.
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