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The project will work within the Federal program for land reclamation development

 The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Fund of infrastructure and educational programs of "RUSNANO" started the joint project in melioration. It will be implemented within the federal target program "Development of Land Reclamation of Agricultural Purpose of Russia for 2014 - 2020".

Offers on use innovative, including nanotechnological, development at reconstruction of meliorative systems will be prepared by JSC Sevkavgiprovodkhoz. The company became the winner of the competition held within the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with the state JSC RUSNANO in 2014.
In particular, it is planned to use systems of external reinforcing on the basis of carbon fabric which allow to increase considerably durability of constructions without replacement of the bearing designs.
At reconstruction of concrete structures use of a fibrobeton — material with the nanostructured carbon or polymeric filler, and also composite fittings, pipes, protections and lattices which aren't affected by corrosion is supposed.
Recommendations about use of innovative solutions it is planned to submit for consideration of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for further introduction within the capital investments provided by the federal target program of development of melioration.

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