Ecology and quality

Our partners are suppliers of raw materials of the world's leading manufacturers of baby food. Which means: we are trusted with the most precious thing -
the health of our children. We provide our partners with the opportunity to independently carry out quality control at every stage of the technological process: from seed production and tillage, to processing and shipment of products.

Tests are carried out in Russia and Europe in specialized laboratories of the manufacturer of baby food, where the products of LLC «Zemlya Kubani» consistently receive a high rating of quality and environmental friendliness.

The company uses biofungicide technologies, has its own laboratory for the propagation of soil fungal cultures in order to improve the composition of the soil, the development of useful microflora.

Bio-processing helps to reduce the use of chemicals, thereby reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

All products of LLC «Zemlya Kubani» are grown without the use of GMOs.