Occupational Safety and Health

LLC «Zemlya Kubani» considers the main principle in the field of labor protection to be the priority of preserving the life and health of employees before the results of production activities and strives to completely eliminate accidents at work. The life and health of employees is the main value of the company!

The following work is carried out on an ongoing basis at the enterprise:

- ensuring the safety of work and the preservation of the health of all personnel and persons admitted to production facilities.

- conducting continuous monitoring and assessment of occupational risks, development and implementation of measures of the occupational health and safety
  management system;

- improvement of forms and methods of professional training and training of personnel, systematic improvement of the level of knowledge and responsibility
  of employees in the field of labor protection;

- providing employees with modern, comfortable and high-quality personal and collective protective equipment.

- decommissioning of obsolete agricultural machinery, traumatic equipment used in land processing and product processing, introduction of innovative
  technologies that ensure labor safety.

- timely conduct of a special assessment of working conditions and production control over compliance with sanitary rules and the implementation of sanitary and
  anti-epidemic (preventive) measures;

- provision of sanitary and household services for employees;